MQUAD Features


Full Qualitative and Mixed Methods Support

Repository Services

MQUAD offers complete services for storing, sharing, and accessing tools, documents, and data, whether part of MQUAD or not

  • Validated Questions Library
  • Study Documents by Theme
  • Dataverse

Advanced Form Management

Advanced features enable users to create, manage, and perform various tasks using menu-driven options

  • Development using Excel and Web-based forms
  • Multi-format Search Capablities
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Fully Web-Based and Cross Platform
Intuitive Features

Field Based Sampling

Applies algorithms for sampling without the need to retain data. Following sampling methods are built to enable field based sampling

  • Simple Random Sampling
  • Systematic Sampling

Data Quality Monitoring

MQUAD offers various data quality metrics such as Timestamp, GPS, keystroke dynamics, and more. Some of the metrics collected and analysed are:

  • Start Time and End Time
  • Keystroke Details
  • Audio Recording
  • Period of Inactivity
  • Error Statistics
  • Customised Reports/Dashboard
  • Many other Parameters

Fully Interactive Visualizations and Analytics
Comprehensive Media Support

Easy to Use

Designed for all skill levels, eliminating the need for advanced technical expertise or coding knowledge, making it user-Friendly

  • Menu Driven
  • Functions that are Simple to Find
  • Comprehensive Help Document
  • Simple Excel Templates

Data Export

MQUAD support exporting data into various formats, including but not limited to:

  • Excel
  • Stata
  • SPSS
  • JSON
  • Media File

Fast and Friendly Import/Export Features
Top-Tier Data Security and Privacy Protection

Secured Data Controls

MQUAD has built security features that are of highest standards

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Two Stage Authentication
  • Use of HTTPS for transfer of data
  • Segregated servers for application, data collection, and data storage
  • In line with HIPAA & GDPR Guidelines

Support Services

MQUAD provides prompt and clear assistance to its subscribers

  • Response within 12 hours
  • Tutorial Videos
  • MQUAD User Community

Outstanding Support