MQUAD (Map. Measure. Monitor. Manage) is a comprehensive digital data application designed by PopulationCouncil Consulting Private Limited to meet all the data-related needs of an organization or business. It stands out in the market due to its superior features, which include, but are not limited to, Unicode support for multilingual data collection, paradata for monitoring data quality, real-time tracking of field teams and data collection processes, advanced data visualization tools, and a secure data export facility to platforms like PowerBi and Google Dashboards. Furthermore, MQUAD ensures end-to-end encryption, robust device management, and user controls to enhance multi-level data security.

The paradata capabilities MQUAD offers for enhancing data quality surpass those of other software products available. It allows the collection of various types of metadata, such as GPS locations, timestamps, keystrokes, audio recordings, sleep time during data collection, errors enforced by data collection protocols, and the frequency of help or hints being accessed. These features are instrumental in maintaining high standards of data integrity and reliability.

MQUAD's data reporting function facilitates real-time tracking and produces shareable, interactive dashboards that enable clients to visualize their data dynamically. Additionally, MQUAD provides extensive repository support, offering guidance on questions across numerous thematic areas, including health, education, climate change, agriculture, nutrition, water, sanitation, economy, and the service sector. This comprehensive support, combined with the software's ability to securely store questionnaires and datasets for future reference, makes MQUAD an invaluable tool for organizations looking to leverage their data effectively.